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About MyDawaai

It is the App India has been waiting for! Doctors in India generally prescribe drugs by their brand names, rather than the generic name. In a single simple step, this app enables you to find the equivalent brands with prices and their generic names. Since, no Schedule H drug can be sold without a written prescription, ask your doctor to prescribe the same medicine with a cheaper and equally good brand.


2 Dep (20 Mg)
42 for 10 Tablets
Generic: Dultin (20 Mg)
Mfg. Psychiatry (Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.)
Equivalent Medicines

Combac (20 Mg)
Concern Pharma
41 for 10 Tablets

2.38% Cheaper

2 Dep (20 Mg)
Psychiatry (Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.)
42 for 10 Tablets


Dulok (20 Mg)
Konark Life Sciences
45 for 10 Tablets

7.14% Expensive
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